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Our goal is to provide a clean, pet friendly store that has everything that your dog needs in order to live a happy life!

Vaccinated & Insured pets

All our puppies are vaccinated, Insured, potty trained and house trained to ensure that they build the best character with the new parents!

Responsible Breeders

We are breeders who take our job very seriously and we make it a habit to ensure that our duty for catering for pets is never neglected!

Best Services

We offer one of the best services of all the known pet stores out there. As other companies focus on income, we focus on build relationships!


Benefits of the Warranty

We offer a 1-year health warranty including many other benefits! Heart defect (scale 4 or higher)

In the event that your puppy develops an untreatable, fatal congenital problem, death caused by cardiac malfunctions, organ or genetic defect occurrences, send us the initial examination and a photo of the puppy. We will send you the same sex and race you initially paid for. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Key Points

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A malfunction of the congenital organs leads to death

Genetic defect causes death

Congenital life-threatening defects leading to death


Canine distemper

How long does the puppy live?

In general, it really depends on how you look after the puppy. Our puppies are not from Puppy Mills. Our puppies will live up to 14-17 years, depending on the quality of your care.

More Benefits of the Warranty!

If you submit an application, we may ask that you send us a copy of all your initial veterinary examinations, which clearly indicate that the death was caused only by genetic problems / through no fault of the owner. The medical examination/autopsy must indicate death from a 100% genetic problem. Once the document is available, it will be forwarded to our veterinarian for further review and must agree to it.

Hydrocephalus is only explained if the dog suffers from seizure disorders. We treat no treatable disorders or common disorders such as patellar dislocations, hernias, open fontanelles, parasites, and blood sugar or skin problems.

We urge you to properly feed your puppy so as to avoid hypoglycaemia / low sugar. We treat all puppies properly from parasites/worms, but our guarantee does not cover parasites/worms as they are present in all puppies and can easily be treated. We are happy to replace your puppy in appropriate circumstances. However, we are not responsible for any veterinary billing or shipping.

If you bring our puppy to a vet, they may “appreciate” the puppy at the wrong age because their sizes are much smaller than a typical puppy of the same breed. Since our puppies are much smaller, they have a slower growth rate. For example, the growth of permanent teeth, the sinking of the testicle or when the puppy goes into the heat cycle can be delayed.

Your One Stop Shop for Your Furry Friends!

100% Healthy Dogs

Shipping & Handling


Frequently Asked Questions

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Pet Consultant

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