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About Us

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Welcome to Teacup Poodle PetStore

We love all our clients and we’re happy to have you stop by our Online Shop and we’d also like to thank you for visiting our website! We appreciate that you are curious about our company and look forward to you taking your Furry Friend home. In the meantime, please let us tell you a little bit about Teacup Poodle PetStore.

Teacup Poodle Puppies PetStore is a locally owned and operated pet store and supply store. Our mission is to provide dog lovers with everything that they need to ensure their lives a long and happy life. We love to talk about pets of all types and we are even more excited when you choose your furry family member from our store! We are constantly researching and learning about new ways/techniques that can make our pets lives better.

Teacup Poodle PetStore has been established with the aim to provide one stop solution for pet lovers. Being a pet lover we understand that “a house is not home without paw prints” and here we help you find that friendly companion for you.

Pioneers in Dog Breeding

The journey of a pet lover does not stop with being a pet parent; it brings much more responsibility with it. Taking care of your pet and keeping them healthy is as important as loving them. This means that what so ever you and your pet or you are into we too are into it. Be it taking your pet on a walk or filing their nails or when it’s time for your pet to meet its vet or when your pet is looking for his/her date.

Management Pillars

A strong team with years of experience

Jack Austin


Andrew Austin


Peter Stevenson